Connected Investor Podcast

Our investment team covers the world. But, they also need to be connected to share their insights. Furthermore, it’s no longer enough to simply be a human investor – being digitally enhanced through machine learning and AI to be able to interpret massive amounts of data is a must. Our new podcast offers analysis and insights to help investors remain informed and connected.

Matthew Tillett and Jeremy Kent who, together with colleague Marcus Morris-Eyton, manage the portfolio of The Brunner Investment Trust, discuss  the spectrum of ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) approaches within investing with co-host Joe Lynam, focusing in on some of the key considerations and explaining how, and why, ESG is embedded within their investment process.


This episode of ‘Connected Investor’ features an introduction from lead portfolio manager Matthew Tillett who, together with his colleagues Marcus Morris-Eyton and Jeremy Kent,  took over the reins of The Brunner Investment Trust in May. Matthew muses the current state of markets and global economies with co-host Joe Lynam as they examine just what the future may hold.


Welcome to the inaugural episode of ‘Connected Investor’, the new podcast from The Brunner Investment Trust, providing insightful and relevant analysis in the world of global equity investing. Featuring our portfolio managers in discussion with BBC presenter and former business and economics correspondent, Joe Lynam, they will take you through the inside track of what is driving the global markets.


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