Share Price 1030.0p
NAV per Share 1144.2p
Premium/-Discount -10.0%
Dividend Yield 2.0%
Data source DataStream and Allianz Global Investors as at 24.01.2022 based on market close mid price.

Why Brunner?

The Brunner Investment Trust PLC aims to provide growth in capital and dividends over the long term by seeking out the world’s most exciting growth opportunities. We believe that it’s the quality of the company that matters, not its location – so through Brunner, investors can access a spread of high-quality growth companies operating in different sectors and countries in a single portfolio. Managed by Matthew Tillett, the Trust favours large, well-financed businesses with global reach, pricing power and brand strength.

48 Consecutive Years of Dividend Growth

48 Consecutive Years of Dividend Growth

Although income is not guaranteed and could go down as well as up, the Trust has paid increasingly higher dividends to its shareholders year-on-year for the last 48 years.

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Why Investment Trusts?

The Brunner Investment Trust PLC (Brunner) is an independent company listed on the London Stock Exchange whose investment trust structure provides access to a diversified global portfolio.

Investment trusts own shares in a variety of different companies, so buying shares in Brunner will effectively give you a diversified portfolio of global companies. This spreads your risk, as you are not reliant on the success of just one or two companies. And buying shares in an investment trust can be less costly than purchasing the underlying stocks individually.

Because Brunner is an investment trust and an independent company listed on the London Stock Exchange, the investment manager is accountable to the Trust’s board of directors. The board is completely autonomous and ensures that the interests of shareholders are looked after. The Brunner board of directors is particularly experienced; as well as providing investors with the reassurance of a diligent environment of checks and balances, they also provide the Trust with invaluable knowledge and economic insight.

Investment Goals

We all want our income to be enough for the life we’d like. That means an income that has the potential to increase over time, keeping up with rising living costs – and with the resilience to ride out any difficult economic conditions along the way.

Brunner is not restricted to any one country or sector. Instead, we invest in companies all over the world, seeking out the best opportunities for growth and reliable dividends wherever they may be. As an investment trust, Brunner enjoys other advantages too, such as being able to draw on revenue reserves to support dividend payments in tough times. Our global approach and this ability to manage payouts have enabled Brunner to pay rising dividends to our shareholders for 48 consecutive years, although past performance is no guide to the future.

Investment Goals

Risks & Features

Learning about Investment Trusts

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An Introduction to Investment Trusts

The Brunner Investment Trust PLC is a listed public company that invests in other companies and is quoted on the London Stock Exchange. 

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