We believe that it’s the quality of the company that matters, not its location.

Matthew Tillett, Portfolio Manager

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Through Brunner, investors can access a spread of high-quality growth companies operating in different sectors and countries via a single portfolio. Managed by Matthew Tillett, the Trust favours large, well-financed businesses with global reach, pricing power and corporate liquidity.

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Our History

The Brunner Investment Trust has a long and distinguished history and was established as an investment vehicle by the Brunner family in 1927. Today, they remain significant shareholders in the Trust which aims to provide a 'one-stop shop' solution for investors looking for global growth opportunities and a quarterly dividend that has risen over time.

Fountain Focus

The image of the fountain is inspired by the Arms of the Brunner family. The family originated from Switzerland and ’Brunnen’ is German for fountain. John Brunner was born in Canton Zürich and migrated to Lancashire in 1832. His son, Sir John Brunner, Bart, was the co-founder of Brunner Mond & Co, the largest of the four companies which came together to form ICI in 1926. The family’s interest in ICI was used in the following year to establish The Brunner Investment Trust.

Fountain Focus

Foundation of Brunner Mond & Company


Sir John Tomlinson Brunner, 1st Baronet, (8 February 1842 - 1 July 1919) was a British chemical industrialist and politician. In 1873 Brunner formed a partnership with Mond and together they founded Brunner Mond & Company.

Manufacturing of alkalis


The company was formed to make soda ash by the new ammonia soda process, for the cotton industry. It manufactured alkalis from the vast salt deposits in northwest England, and ammonia and fertilisers in the northeast of the country.

Partnership converts into a limited company


The partnership was converted into a limited company and the founders became managing directors.

Sir John Brunner appointed Chairman


Sir John Brunner became the Chairman and retained that position until April 1918, 14 months before his death. However by then his duties were being increasingly performed by his son.

Imperial Chemical Industries established


Brunner Mond merged with three other British chemical companies to form Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI), which grew to become one of the world's largest and most successful companies.

Start of The Brunner Investment Trust


The family's interest in ICI was used in the following year to establish The Brunner Investment Trust which was managed by Kleinwort Benson, predecessor of Allianz Global Investors. The Brunner family remained active in the investment decisions and a family member is still on the Board today. Sir Felix Brunner became the Chairman of the Trust and retained this position until 1972.

Beginning of dividend track record


Start of Brunner's track record of growing dividends by paying 0.48 pence per share dividend to its shareholders. Barnabus Brunner became the Chairman of the Trust and retained this position until 1998.

Overseas investments added


Brunner's investment policy includes overseas investments in the portfolio for the first time.

Repositioning of portfolio


The Trust’s investments are divided equally between the UK and overseas.

Trust re-registered as a Public Limited Company


Brunner Investment Trust re-registered as a Public Limited Company.

John Trott becomes Chairman


John Trott became the Chairman of the Trust and retained this position until 2005.

Lucy Macdonald joins as co-manager


Lucy Macdonald joined Allianz Global Investors as CIO for Global Equities and co-manager of Brunner. Lucy is the Chief Investment Officer of Global Equities at Allianz Global Investors. The Global Equity team is responsible for international mandates from clients around the world. Lucy is a member of the European Management Committee, and joined Allianz in 2001 from Baring Asset Management, where she was a director and senior portfolio manager. Lucy graduated from Bristol University, and is an Associate of the Society of Investment Professionals (ASIP).

Keith Percy becomes Chairman


Keith Percy elected as Chairman and retained his position until 2016.

Carolan Dobson becomes Chairman


Carolan Dobson elected as Chairman.

Brunner's UK equities and overseas equities portfolios are merged to form one global equity portfolio.

45 years as a ‘Dividend Hero’


Brunner celebrates its 90th birthday and its 45th consecutive year of increasing dividends. It is recognised as one of the AIC's 'Dividend Heroes'.

Following a decision to invest a higher proportion of the Brunner portfolio in overseas equities, Brunner's benchmark changes to 70% FTSE World-ex UK and 30% FTSE All-Share Index.

Refinancing of long-term borrowing


June 2018: Brunner announces a refinancing exercise, in order to achieve a balance of finance sources and maturities and to lock into a long-term rate at pricing levels the Trust considers to be attractive. Following this exercise, Brunner’s weighted average interest on all structural borrowings and preference stock is 2.9%, compared with 7.7% previously.

Brunner increases its dividend for the 46th consecutive year, maintaining its status as an AIC ‘Dividend Hero’.

Matthew Tillett becomes lead portfolio manager


Having worked as the deputy manager of Brunner since 2016, Matthew Tillett became lead manager in May 2020. Matthew is also the lead portfolio manager on the AllianzGI UK Opportunities strategy which he has run since launch in 2011. Matthew joined AllianzGI in 2006. He graduated from Bristol University with a first class degree in Economics and Economic History. He also holds a masters (with distinction) in International Political Economy from the London School of Economics. Matthew holds the IMC designation and is a CFA® charterholder.

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