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Brunner in the News

Edison Research: Focused global equity exposure and stringent, bottom-up selection

Brunner is now a much more focused global equity proposition compared with mid-2016: there is a single manager, running a single portfolio (rather than one UK and one overseas), performance has improved and the board has paid off the Trust’s longstanding, high-cost debt. 

Brunner slashes cost of its debt and income investors should benefit

The Trust was positively profiled in Richard Evans’ Questor column. Evans focuses on the benefits to investors of the recent paying off of expensive borrowings, the increased globalisation of the trust and the move from two portfolios to one.

Edison Research: Refinancing will meaningfully reduce cost of debt

An exciting development, as it will allow the trust to have a more efficient balance sheet and provides greater flexibility to increase the dividend in real terms, says manager.

Brunner: the search for future winners ahead of the crowd

Lucy Macdonald considers how stock selection can cope with momentary unrest in markets and explains how her priority for Brunner is to build a concentrated global equity portfolio of around 70 strongly financed companies with good growth prospects that are trading on sensible valuations.

Mail on Sunday: 'We may look like two cautious females but we are very active'

The Brunner Investment Trust PLC was positively profiled in the Fund Focus column in a piece by Jeff Prestridge. Prestridge focuses on the rarity of the two most powerful positions on a trust’s board – chairperson and investment manager – to be held by females.

Warming to investment trusts

150 years since the first investment trust was launched, Adam Gent (AllianzGI’s Head of Retail/Wholesale Northern Europe) looks at how these closed-ended funds have adapted to investors’ needs over time.

Brunner in the News

Lucy Macdonald recently appeared in MoneyWeek discussing Brunner’s dividend hero status and the impact digitalisation on the portfolio.

Investment Trust Spring Update

Welcome to the latest Investment Trust Update from Allianz Global Investors. In this issue, we are pleased to share with you; what’s new, ISAs – the clock is ticking, inflation busting Investment Trusts, Awards, the rise of platform investing ( and how to choose), and in the news.

A Dividend Hero - Brunner 46 years of dividend growth

The Association of Investment Companies (AIC) has released the latest list of dividend heroes – those investment companies that have increased their dividends each year for 20 years or more.

Investing in the New Digital Economy

Lucy Macdonald, discusses how digitalisation creates one of the biggest challenges for modern investors. She asks how does one appropriately analyse and value companies in the new economy in an article featured in Money Observer and Trustnet on the impact of digitalisation.

Investment Trust Forum

On Tuesday 14th November Lucy Macdonald participated in Allianz Global Investors “Navigating the Future” Investment Trust Conference.

How to invest for income and growth

Tips from dividend hero Brunner's manager, Lucy Macdonald, on the Investing Show. Lucy was interviewed for This is Money by Simon Lambert on Friday 10th November.

Lucy overhauls Brunner ‘family’ trust by casting the net overseas

The Brunner Investment Trust PLC was positively profiled in the Fund Focus column in a piece by Jeff Prestridge. Prestridge describes the trust as being a “more focused and re-energised fund with a wide appeal to those in search of capital and income growth.”

Delivering a winning strategy: Brunner’s high quality, high conviction global reach

2017 is a significant year for The Brunner Investment Trust, as Lucy Macdonald explains in this article which first appeared in the Summer 2017 edition of the Alliance Trust Savings publication, ‘Taking Stock’.  

Edison Research: Dividend increased for 45 consecutive years

The Brunner Investment Trust (BUT) is a well-established fund investing in a relatively concentrated portfolio of c 70 global equities, aiming to generate long-term growth in capital and income.

Morningstar Research Report

Under the guidance of the board and the manager, Brunner is evolving gradually from an almost wholly UK investment vehicle holding over 200 stocks, to a more concentrated portfolio of around 80 stocks with far less exposure to the UK then has previously been the case...

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