Facts and Figures

Key facts and figures includes charges, reporting dates, NAVs, latest yields and shares in issue.

All data as at 30.06.17 unless otherwise stated
Capital Structure
Total Assets£398.8m
Gearing (net)6.4%
Shares in Issue42,692,727 (Ordinary 25p)
Share Price (i)703.50p
Net Asset Value (iii)808.27p (786.60p – debt at market value)
Premium/-Discount to NAV (iii)-12.96% (-10.56% – debt at market value)
NAV FrequencyDaily
Dividend Yield (ii)2.27%
i. Source: Lipper as at 30.06.17, market close mid price.
ii. Source: Datastream as at 30.06.17. . The dividend yield corresponds to the latest full year dividend as declared in the Annual Financial Report divided by the current share price and is expressed as a percentage. The dividend yield is only a snapshot based on the previous dividends and the current share price; as a result, it is not suitable as an indicator of the future performance.
iii. A trust’s Net Asset Value (NAV) is calculated as available shareholders’ funds divided by the number of shares in issue, with shareholders’ funds taken to be the net value of all the company’s assets after deducting liabilities.
Company No:
Key Information
Launch DateDecember 1927
AIC SectorGlobal
Benchmark70% FTSE World ex-UK Index
30% FTSE All-Share Index
Annual Management Charge0.45%
On-going Charges (iv)0.79%
Performance FeeNo
Year End30 November
Annual Financial ReportFinal posted in February,
Half-yearly posted in July
Price InformationFinancial Times, The Daily Telegraph,
iv. Source: AIC, as at the Trust’s Financial Year End (30.11.2016). Ongoing Charges (previously Total Expense Ratios) are published annually to show operational expenses incurred in the running of the company but excluding financing costs.


Share Price

17 Aug 2017


NAV per Share

16 Aug 2017

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Source: Lipper, market close mid price.